Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fundraiser Campaign on Indiegogo Just Launched!!!

We just launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. It's called "Community Challenge - Raise the Bar!" in the Community forum. Click the link to go to the campaign: or enter Aiden Jones in the search field on the home page Aiden has an opportunity to enroll at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech in Jacksonville, Fl where he can receive the intensive, specialized speech therapies he needs to thrive. These therapies are not available locally. We don't have the resources to make it happen alone. Aiden's dad will have to relocate to Jacksonville with Aiden to make this happen while Aiden's mom stays in Kissimmee with the older siblings, works, and makes ends meet. Not the ideal situation but the best chance for Aiden to get what he needs to thrive during this crucial stage of child development. This opportunity could save Aiden years of therapies, spare him from difficult social pressures, bias, and discrimination, and is basically the best chance at building the foundation of a successful, independent future. Please help spread the word. We need this campaign to be successful and with your help, it can be! We can't thank you enough for the support, encouragement, and generosity each of you has provided. Thank you so much! Now go send the link to everyone you know!!!

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