Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's changing..

Aiden is 2 years and 7 months as of this post. He is absolutely a barrel of energy! He of course is a stubborn 2 year old that wants things his way and when he wants them. He is learning that is not the way the world works. Poor baby! Tough being a toddler :) Cochlear Implant Update: Aiden has done extremely well at wearing his processor or his "ears" as we call it, at daycare. At home on the other hand, not so much. I keep telling his daddy, Jeff, he doesn't want to listen to us telling him "NO!" all the time. Daddy has a stubborn I mean streak of determination and was able to "convince" Aiden that he was going to be wearing his "ears" at home too. He does MUCH better than before he and Daddy had their "discussion," but we still have our moments. Aiden saw his speech therapist, Ms. Catherine, today and she was thrilled with what he is doing. He is making lots of sounds that he never did before the implant. He is sounding very much like a 6-9 month old baby with his jibber jabber. He has more signed words than spoken vocabulary, but that is to be expected. Ms. Catherine was so excited that we were progressing to implant # 2. Implant # 2?? Yes! Aiden will be hearing in surround sound soon! YEAH! We are scheduled July 2nd. Another thing that is "changing" is hopefully the diaper situation! Now that mommy is home for the summer...potty training HERE WE GO!! **Fingers Crossed**

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