Saturday, September 24, 2011

The CHOP Experience

Whew - what a whirl wind it has been the past few days. Aiden, Daddy and Mommy traveled to one of the top 10 children's hospitals in the U.S. to get some much needed second opinions and consults for Aiden.
The first day we met with the general surgeon. It was a little backwards, because he would have liked to have been seen last, however it was a good consult none the less. He proposed 4 different surgical options for Aiden that may help reduce his reflux, which we hope would also reduce the aspiration. He of course really wanted to get the other docs' notes and then make the best decision for Aiden. We also met with the geneticist. She is top notch. She noted that Aiden's height is appropriate for a 12 month old and his weight is appropriate for a 15 month old. That would be fantastic if he wasn't 22 1/2 months old. So we will probably be adding another doctor to our list, an endocrinologist. She also stated that our little darling is absolutely unique, which we already knew..but always nice to have it confirmed :)Finally on day 1 we met the GI. He is actually more concerned with the reflux than his slow digestive emptying. He would like to have a 24 hour probe test done in order to measure the amount of reflux he actually does.
Day 2 started with an upper GI which Aiden was just thrilled with as you can imagine. We then met with the pulmonologist. He wants to consult with the Airway Clinic at CHOP and refer him to Otolaryngology (ENT). He also would like to to send a camera into his lungs and take some biopsies and exam the airway. So the diagnostic team took all this information at the end of day 2 and this is the next step: In November, (just before his 1st Cochlear Implant) we will be traveling back to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and they will admit Aiden to do those exploritory procedures. After the findings of those tests, most likely surgery repair will be scheduled. The general surgeon forewarned us that for that type of surgery, they will want him at CHOP 2 days prior to surgery and then the recovery time is 3-4 days in the hospital.
I will be updating some pictures so you can see Captain Destructo...keeps getting cuter and cuter :)

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